Who Are We

Navisource Solutions Group, is a comprehensive IT solutions provider and software developer. We are a value-added Solution Provider successfully engaging the Banking, Insurance and HealthCare markets. We provide solutions that minimize non-interest expense across all departments.

Minimize Non-Interest Expense Across All Departments

Navisource Solutions Group was the brainchild of a Rocket Engineer, a Fortune 50 Procurement director and a Fortune 50 IT director. The initial premise was to generate opportunities to significantly improve profitability through a disciplined holistic approach to infrastructure, procurement and resource management.

What We Do

What sets Navisource Solutions Group apart is our intense commitment to providing both substantial long-term extra value and superior customer service. As an IT Solutions Provider, we can help customers analyze their business problems, define their current and future information technology needs, and develop short-term or long-term solutions to meet their timelines and budgets. 

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