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Strategy 3 - Case Study
Business Process Outsourcing

New Capabilities Empower Your Employees

Most companies cannot afford an Executive Procurement Officer. True Branch Accounting is beyond all but the largest megabanks due to the reporting demands required to generate actionable data for executives to make better decisions. Most companies don't even have the resources to monitor performance after a purchase and forget about proactively managing warranties. And they certainly cannot justify an Amazon-class distribution center just to fill employee requisitions.  

NaviSource provides this and more with best-in-class precision.

5 Advantages of NSG-BPO

  1. Cost Reduction: Business Process Outsourcing helps you cut costs and save money. Procurement professionals, supply chain managers and accounting specialists are expensive.
  2. Availability of Experienced Professionals: Recruiting new employees and training them involves a lot of hassle and is a huge cost. This is further complicated when the domain expertise is outside of your normal business. Amazon doesn't hire bankers to negotiate procurement contracts. Choose NaviSource to do what we do best so that you can do what you do best.
  3. Ability to Focus on Core Business: Outsource non-banking operations to NaviSource so your employees can focus on your core business. They can become managers of information rather than movers of things. This helps them make better and more informed business decisions.
  4. Excellent Source of Operational Information: Integrated Branch Accounting generates actionable data for executives to make better business decisions to grow your business and enhance performance. Which branch is cost effective? How do regions compare? Who is my best manager? This valuable feedback, in turn, helps you improve your core business.
  5. Access to the Latest Updated Technologies: Buying licensed versions of the latest software and investing in non-revenue generating infrastructure is very expensive. Outsourcing to NaviSource provides the technology, expertise and infrastructure needed to excel at less than the cost of a part-time courier.


One Client's Experience

$1 billion FI with branches in several cities managed distribution from an internal warehouse. Employees pulled orders daily delivering on company vans. Executive procurement officer with staff accountant dedicated to payments and allocations.

  • Eliminated Executive Position
  • Re-Tasked Storage Space To New Data Center
  • Re-Tasked Staff Count By 3
  • Reduced Van Fleet By 3

$130,000 Payroll Reduction

$23,000 Fulfillment Savings

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